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Kealy Hawk Minikin Covers Founder
Kealy Hawk Minikin Covers Founder

Kealy Hawk is a Registered Nurse, Certified Lactation Counselor and most importantly a mommy who absolutely love babies!

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When Kealy Is Not Helping Moms Breastfeed...

"You can find me reading a good book, doing
some painting or just relaxing with my family."

Helping Moms breastfeeding is a passion of Kealy’s and she shares her knowledge with her clients and every Mom looking to learn. You can check out her breastfeeding blog here

I absolutely love babies which is why I decided to specialize in all things baby – especially breastfeeding. When I had my first baby, breastfeeding was SO HARD. She didn’t want to latch, had jaundice, I dealt with supply issues, clogged ducts, and a whole lot more problems.

I did not want the added stress of thinking about covering up in public while breastfeeding, and simultaneously wondering if my baby was properly latched, breathing okay...(you know the routine)...

I could not find what I wanted on the market today, so I created it. Welcome to the breastfeeding world...the Minikin Pop-up And Cover!

- Kealy Hawk, Founder, Minikin Covers