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Minikin Nursing Cover - the best nursing cover that is fashionable

Minikin Nursing Cover


Sustainably made and created in America!

Ready to breastfeed? Minikin covers make it easy! Just pull the fabric around you and baby, snap the button and you are covered!

Comes in 3 beautiful colors: maroon, charcoal, & light blue.

Minikin Nursing Cover
Minikin Nursing Cover
Minikin Nursing Cover

What Is It

A perfect solution to a comfortable full-coverage nursing wardrobe addition!

The Minikin Nursing Cover looks great with leggings, a pair of jeans, or even a dress! Our popular nursing cover can be worn as a cardigan with any outfit, and is considered an essential wardrobe item when you are breastfeeding!

Why It's Different

Finally, no more worrying about wandering eyes! Minikin Nursing Covers are designed to give you full coverage. They completely surround your body and give you enough room to cover up you and baby.

The Minikin Nursing Cover makes it easy to start breastfeeding in minutes! Easily pull to adjust the cover around you and baby, snap the button to close the cover… and you are ready to breastfeed! Easy breastfeeding anywhere, anytime.

Ask Yourself...

Do you have complete 360° coverage?

Easily Snap Into A Cardigan!

“Completely covers everything, and I love the look and feel of the cover!”

“Got this cover as a gift, and I have used it so much I got one in every color!”

Best Fashionable Breastfeeding Cover

The Minikin Nursing Cover won’t leave you feeling frumpy or embarrassed.